#1 x 3/8 Inch Miniature Lag Screws (Pkg. of 50)

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#1 x 3/8 Inch Miniature Lag Screws (Pkg. of 50)

#1 x 3/8 Inch Miniature Lag Screws (Pkg. of 50)
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Micro-Miniature Lag Screws...Another Micro-Mark First!

Slotted-head wood screws can ruin the appearance of a carefully-built scale model. So, to turn our models into award winners, we developed these micro-size brass lag screws for wood fastening. The hex heads duplicate the appearance of prototype fasteners and fit standard miniature nut drivers (we recommend our #80240 Nutdriver Set). The fine pitch, non-tapered thread holds tight in scale lumber, and are less prone to split wood than tapered screws (although we do recommend drilling a pilot hole). Use them to fasten wood pieces together, mount detail parts, or act as bolthead detail (use in combination with our washers sold separately). Note for Model Railroaders: Use #0 lag screws to mount Caboose Industries Turnout Ground Throws.

A 82665 #0 x 3/16 inch
B 82669 #1 x 3/16 inch
C 82670 #1 x 1/4 inch
D 82671 #1 x 3/8 inch
E 82673 #2 x 3/16 inch
F 82674 #2 x 1/4 inch
G 82675 #2 x 3/8 inch
H 82676 #2 x 1/2 inch
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