10 Inch Disk Sander

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10 Inch Disk Sander

10 Inch Disk Sander
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Variable Speed 10 Inch Disk Sander for Smooth Finishes on All Materials

There's never been another sander this well made or versatile. The electronic variable speed control lets you run the sander at extra slow speeds so over heating is virtually eliminated. You'll never again have a melted, gooey glob when sanding plastics. And metal won't distort from the burning heat most sanders produce. To sand wood, just turn up the speed to the correct setting for the hardness of the wood you're working in. The disk turns at only 280 to 480 rpm, compared to other sanders that run as high as 5,000 rpm. These slower speeds allow the sander to run smoothly and quietly with almost no vibration. For mitering, sanding to a line, smoothing and shaping, no other power tool we've tried works as well or is easier to use. Includes 3 assorted grit sanding disks and miter gauge.


  • High torque, electronically rectified DC motor produces more power than many motors rated 1/2 hp and higher.

  • Variable speed 280 to 480 rpm.

  • Cast aluminum housing.

  • 10 inch cast aluminum disk.

  • Vacuum cleaner attachment.

  • Compact size. Only 11-1/2 inches wide x 13-1/2 inches high x 9-1/2 inches deep.

  • 4-5/8 inch x 10-3/4 inch machine finished aluminum table with miter gauge slot. Table tilts to 45 degrees.

  • Plugs into standard 120v AC outlet.

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