150-piece Mega Brush Set

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150-piece Mega Brush Set

150-piece Mega Brush Set
Starting at $29.95
Sold Out! This item has been discontinued and is no longer available.


Our Mega Brush Set provides a most-needed selection of 150 brushes for quick painting, staining and finishing jobs, spreading adhesives, flux and pipe dope, and dozens of other uses. With so many different brushes on hand, the convenience factor alone makes this set one of the best deals around.

Set includes: 50 Foam brushes with wood dowel handles: 3 inch (10); 2 inch (20); 1 inch (20); 50 china-bristle brushes with contoured wood handles: 3 inch (10); 2 inch (15); 1 inch (20); 1/2 inch (5); 50 applicator brushes with metal tube handles: 1/2 inch (25); 1/4 inch (25).
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