1999 Dallara IR9 Model Car Kit, 1/25 Scale

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1999 Dallara IR9 Model Car Kit, 1/25 Scale

1999 Dallara IR9 Model Car Kit, 1/25 Scale
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1999 Dallara IR9 Model Car Kit, 1/25 Scale

Who would be the winner of the 83rd running of the Indianapolis 500 was in doubt right up until the penultimate lap. Arie Luyendyk, making his last appearance in the 500, started from pole and lead the first 32 laps. The lead would change 17 times over the course of the race, with 7 different drivers sharing the honors. The fastest car of the day belonged to Luyendyk, but with 83 laps to go, he made a mistake in lapping a slower car and crashed out of the race. Robby Gordon, taking a gamble on fuel, took the lead on lap 171. Kenny Brack, driving for four time winner A.J. Foyt, was running second and closing the gap. Could Brack catch Gordon in time and try to make a pass for the win? Laps were running out, and it was obviously going to be close, but all of that came to naught when Gordon's fuel gamble didn't pay off and he ran out before finishing up lap 198. Brack passed him while Gordon coasted into the pits and assumed the lead for lap 199, going on to the win. Jeff Ward, who ran a steady, quiet race and even lead three laps at about 3/4's distance, finished a solid second, but was not in a position to challenge Brack for the win.

Dallara, for the second year in a row, captured Indy and the Championship. Their 1999 IR9 Chassis was an iteration closely based ont he 1998 IR8 chasses. A revised internal structure for the engine air intale resulted in a larger opening for Dallara's signature round air box. The radiator inlets in the side pods got smaller when their lower edge was raised, which also changed the shape of the under tray for the car. There was also another revision to the side pods introduced right before Indy. It involved moving the radiator air outlets from the upper corners of the side pod downn onto the side of the side pod.. This was an option provided by Dallara, but not adopted by all teams running their chassis. Both Greg Ray and Kenny Brack ran the first iteration side pod, with air exits like 1998, in the 500. Jeff Ward ran the newer design at Indy, but reverted to the first iteration at later races.

This kit contains resin and white metal, and decals for 1999 winner season champion, and more.

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