3-piece Reducing Punch Set

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3-piece Reducing Punch Set

3-piece Reducing Punch Set
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Reducing 'Punches' Repair Oversize Holes

It happens to the best of us...the hole we drilled is just a little too big for its mating part. Fortunately, our Reducing Punch Set makes the repair easy: Just place the ball end over the hole and tap with a hammer. The punch deforms the edge of the hole to reduce its diameter. Use for pressing flywheels onto motor shafts, mounting dowel pins in fixtures, reducing excessive play in linkages, etc. Also creates 'dome-type' features in metal sheet. Set of three hardened steel punches (1/2 inch, 5/8 inch and 3/4 inch dia.) accommodates hole sizes from 1/16 inch thru 5/8 inch dia. 1/4 inch diameter steel handles. 4 inches long.

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