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Advanced Techniques for Realistic Scenery DVD Set (Volumes 1 & 2)

Advanced Techniques for Realistic Scenery DVD Set (Volumes 1 & 2)
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Advanced Techniques for Realistic Scenery by Paul Scoles, DVD Volumes 1 and 2

Look over Paul Scoles' shoulder as he adds scenery to his well-known Sn3 layout, the Pelican Bay Railway and Navigation Company. Beginners and experts alike will learn a great deal from one of the hobby's finest scenery builders.

Volume 1

Watch and listen as Paul makes and colors rock castings, adds ground cover and makes trees. He also develops a townsite, dirt roads and other scenery, plus takes you on a tour of this truly fantastic model railroad. DVD format. 126 minutes

Volume 2

In this continuation of the series, Paul goes on to describe how to do a cut and fill, make a talus slope, a streambed, pour resin water and much more. DVD format. 117 minutes.

Over 4 hours of informative, inspiring material at a special money-saving combo price.

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