Brilliance Synchronized 16 Bit Steam Sound Decoder (MRC No. 1911)

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Brilliance Synchronized 16 Bit Steam Sound Decoder (MRC No. 1911)

Brilliance Synchronized 16 Bit Steam Sound Decoder (MRC No. 1911)
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Sound decoders wire into your engine like a standard decoder, but each includes its own speaker to produce a variety of locomotive sounds. Sounds adjust automatically depending on whether loco is moving or standing still. 1.5 amp capacity is intended primarily for HO scale locomotives, but decoder may be 'piggybacked' onto large decoder for large-scale use. Features include 16-Bit, Brilliance sound reproduction, programmable start voltage, acceleration rate, deceleration rate, top voltage, 14-28-128 speed steps; 28 accessory functions; programming on the main for either 2-digit or 4-digit addresses; 8-pin plug, NMRA compatible, dual mode.

Sheer Brilliance Synchronized Steam Sound Decoder features 1-1/8 inch dia. speaker to produce 12 steam locomotive sounds. Decoder measures approx. 1 inch long x 5/8 inch wide x 1/4 inch high. MRC model 1911.

  • 16-Bit, BrillianceTM sound reproduction with MRC's true, Live Capture digital sound

  • Choice of 12 synchronized chuff sounds with double chuff (articulated enabling)

  • Multiple whistles (17)

  • Multiple bells (7)

  • Adjustable back EMF

  • Programming on the main (Ops Mode)

  • Full read-back of address and CV values

  • Advanced consisting (CV-19)

  • Advanced speed table control

  • Directional headlights, Mars light and firebox flicker

  • Use with any DCC system or MRC's Tech 6 Sound Controller
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