Corrugated Scenery Strips (Pkg. of 90)

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Corrugated Scenery Strips (Pkg. of 90)

Corrugated Scenery Strips (Pkg. of 90)
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Pre-Cut Scenery Strips Eliminate the Hassle of Collecting and Hand-Cutting Corrugated Board

Use Micro-Mark Corrugated Scenery Strips with your hot glue gun or stapler to construct the underlying scenery web for your model railroad. They end the time-consuming hassle of chasing down recycled boxes and eliminate the drudgery of hand-cutting strip after strip of corrugated cardboard. Our strips are pre-cut and easily shaped, yet hold their contour while adding plaster cloth. Wave-cut edges practically eliminate paper cuts. Each strip is 1 inch wide x 24 inches long. Package of 90 strips covers 72 square feet of terrain when used on 4-3/4 inch grid.

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