Dry Brushes (Set of 4)

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Dry Brushes (Set of 4)

Dry Brushes (Set of 4)
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These Brushes Help You to Master the Dry Brushing Technique

Dry brushing is a technique that lightens raised details on a model or miniature figure; for example, rivets, hinges, tank treads and buttons on a coat. By wiping almost all of the paint from a specially shaped brush, just a touch of color is applied to create subtle highlights. This enhances the model's realism and gives it a professional, artistic appearance. Our special brushes are made of the finest Mongolian sable, and have the right texture and shape needed to help you master the dry brushing technique. All brushes are approx. 7 inches long with lacquered hardwood handles and seamless nickel ferrules.

Dry Brush Set includes one of each: #8 Dry Brush, #6 Dry Brush, #4 Dry Brush and #2 Dry Brush.
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