Earth Tone Pastels (Set of 12)

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Earth Tone Pastels (Set of 12)

Earth Tone Pastels (Set of 12)
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Earth Tone Pastels for the Ultimate in Realism

The realistic model railroads, ship models and dioramas featured in magazines almost always have a weathered, worn look, the way they would appear in real life. One way to get this look is with weathering pastels. Just apply the pastels the way they come or use the optional #60764 'sponge' applicator (sold separately) for lighter, more subtle tones. Use on hulls, buildings, rolling stock, scenery, armor, decks, deck houses, etc. Create a dirty, rusty, aged, smoke and weather-stained appearance easily. Each pastel stick is approx. 3/8 inch x 3/8 inch x 2-1/2 inches. Set includes 12 sticks of assorted earth tone colors.
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