Easy Model M-16 Rifle, 1/3 Scale Pre-Assembled Collectible Model

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Easy Model M-16 Rifle, 1/3 Scale Pre-Assembled Collectible Model

Easy Model M-16 Rifle, 1/3 Scale Pre-Assembled Collectible Model
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Officially licensed by Colt®. . . The most incredibly detailed, realistic, 1/3 scale, Military M-16 rifle models ever produced. From intricate lettering on the lower receivers, to precisely detailed sights, magazines, fore-end groups, Picatinny rails, flashguards, stocks, and so much more, 'awesome' is the only word that a model firearms collector will say. Includes a display stand that can hold more than one rifle; horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Photographs cannot do justice to the extreme engineering and accuracy in each of these pre-built, pre-painted M-16's.

The M-16 is the United States military designation for the AR-15 rifle adapted for semi-automatic, three-round burst and full-automatic fire. The M-16 is the Granddaddy of all the US military's modern infantry weapons. First introduced in Vietnam by the US Air Force and US Army during 1963, it uses a relatively small caliber bullet of 5.56mm and is fed by a 20 round magazine. It was the first military rifle to use composite plastics for major components. Major identifying features are carry handle on the upper receiver, triangular fore grip and 3-prong flash guard.

Colt, as well as the other marks used, are registered and common law trademarks or trade dress of NEW COLT HOLDING CORP., and are used under license.

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