Flex Pad, 2400 / 4000 / 12000 Grit (Set of 2)

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Flex Pad, 2400 / 4000 / 12000 Grit (Set of 2)

Flex Pad, 2400 / 4000 / 12000 Grit (Set of 2)
Starting at $7.50
Sold Out! This item has been discontinued and is no longer available.


Triple Grit Flex-Pad Restores Clear Plastics

This Flex Pad has three different color-coded ultrafine grits (2400, 4000, 12000) on one pad. This unique innovation has been designed for removing imperfections and for restoring canopies, windshields, headlights and other clear plastic items. Works equally well on other plastic, metal and painted surfaces.
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