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HO Camera Car

HO Camera Car
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HO Scale Camera Car comes completely assembled, including a wireless connection to your television set. Your layout will come alive! Made with the industry's finest power pickup trucks (Kadee® #590 Bettendorf Trucks), couplers and draft gear boxes combined with our Micro Camera and Battery Eliminator. Enjoy scaled first-person viewing of your miniature world! Camera comes mounted in the forward position but can be quickly repositioned for left, right or rear viewing. Camera allows for NMRA tunnel clearance or larger.

Micro Camera and Battery Eliminator details

Our micro-camera features a built-in wireless 2.4 GHz transmitter which sends a sharp color picture and clear sound to the mini receiver connected to your TV. You'll see what your model sees, just as if you were riding inside. Includes color camera (.900 inch square x 1 inch deep), internal microphone for sound transmission, camera connector for 9v battery or wall transformer, 2.4 GHz video/audio receiver, 2 wall transformers, plus cable for connection to TV.Typical transmission range: 675 feet (no obstacles in path). Weight: camera alone 0.7 oz; Min. illumination 1 Lux.

On-board battery eliminator powers the micro camera directly from tracks powered by DCC, MTH-DCS and Lionel TMCC systems.

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