IRDOT-P (Infra Red Detector of Trains, Points/Switching)

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IRDOT-P (Infra Red Detector of Trains, Points/Switching)

IRDOT-P (Infra Red Detector of Trains, Points/Switching)
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Our Infra Red Detector Of Trains (IRDOT) emits a beam of invisible infrared light through a small hole drilled between the ties of your model railroad track. When a locomotive or railcar passes overhead, it reflects this beam through the same hole to IRDOT's detector. This, in turn, triggers a circuit which turns on a light or energizes a relay. Use it to indicate when a train has reached the end of a hidden siding, is located in a tunnel, has cleared hidden staging yard switches and more. IRDOT's circuitry is independent of track power and detects both powered and unpowered rolling stock without modification. Operation is not affected by room lighting. Circuit board is 1-1/4 inches wide x 3-1/2 inches long. Requires external 12-16v AC or DC power supply (use the accessory terminals of your power pack or separate transformer). Includes red LED for train indication, plus instructions for advanced circuits, signals and easy installation.

IRDOT-P mounts to underside of track base board. Emitter/ detector pair installs through hole drilled between ties. Trains passing overhead reflect the beam and trip the circuit. Has additional relay to activate solenoid-type switch machines. Relay contacts provide power to switch machine for 1 second; 10 amp capacity.

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