Lab-Metal, 3/4 lb. Can

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Lab-Metal, 3/4 lb. Can

Lab-Metal, 3/4 lb. Can
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Lab-metal Spreads Like Paste and Hardens to Metal

Use Lab-Metal to easily finish and repair metal parts. Or, just spread from the can with a putty knife to form your own parts, repair holes, and make wood or plastic look like metal. Reaches maximum hardness in just 12 hours and, once dry, can be drilled, tapped, filed, sanded, and machined. Sticks tightly to wood, metal, plastic, glass, and most other materials. Can even be brushed on when thinned with #80922 solvent sold below. 3/4 lb. can.

Note: Lab-metal is not conductive and can withstand a maximum temperature of 350 degrees F.

Ships by ground to 48 contiguous U.S. only.

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