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List Price $1995.95
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  • Simple software and easy-to-understand instructions let you start cutting parts within one hour after opening the box. There are no complicated challenges to face before enjoying the benefits of laser cutting. Supports/imports the following file types for cutting and/or engraving: CDR, AI, DXF, DWG, WMF, EMF, EPS, PSD, PLT, SVG, JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, PDF, PCX, JPG and TIF.

  • Cutting complex curves, straight lines and inside corners are a breeze. Draw anything on your computer screen and the LaserKnife will cut it. You'll be making parts ready-for-assembly in just minutes.

  • Make part revisions quickly. Want to change something? No problem. Simply edit your drawing, then start cutting immediately. Save the computer file for later re-use.

  • Cuts a wide variety of materials including wood, plastic, cloth, foam, cardboard, chipboard, paper, Gatorboard/foam, embossed pattern sheets, wood siding materials, and other non-metals.

  • In addition to cutting, you can also engrave pictures and textures into the surface of your material. Need details like stones, bricks, panel lines, nail heads, your wife’s picture? No problem. Just set the LaserKnife to engraving mode.

  • Our free online parts library lets you share designs from other customers and Micro-Mark staff. Find designs similar to yours and simply edit the file to produce the parts you need. You'll also find designs for things you can make right away without starting from scratch. Then, share your edited and original designs with others by uploading to the library.

  • To get started, just plug in the included USB cable between your Windows computer and the LaserKnife.

  • Backed by Micro-Mark's highly-regarded technical support personnel. Need help? Just call or email.

See the product review in the January 2016 Railroad Model Craftsman, page 78.

LaserKnife 2525 Specifications

Laser tube power: 40 watts, CO2

Overall size: 32 inches wide x 26 inches deep x 10.5 inches high, plus flip up lid

Weight: 55 pounds

Cutting/engraving area: 250 mm x 250 mm (9.8 inches x 9.8 inches)

Cutting capacity: see details below

Power: 110vAC

Made in China to Micro-Mark specifications

We include:

• Lighted steel cabinet with durable paintwork, honeycomb platen, clear-vision window, internal power supply, control panel and control electronics • Air compressor and tubing for blowing away cutting/engraving particles • Water pump and tubing to circulate cooling water through the laser tube • Exhaust fan and duct to remove smoke from the cabinet • 110vAC to 220v AC power supply / converter / transformer • Power cord and USB cable • CorelLASER software plug-in • CorelLASER User’s Key • Sample model structure drawings • Lens focus gauge • Start-up test materials (wood, acrylic and chipboard sheets) • Spare fuse • Lid safety switch • Instruction manual, maintenance instructions, wiring diagram, and tips and tricks.

You provide:

• Computer running Windows 2000 or later operating system connected to the Internet • CorelDRAW version 11 or later (Note: not compatible with Home/Student versions) • 5-gallon plastic bucket to contain 3 gallons of distilled water • Vent to outside • GFI protected circuit.

Approximate Cutting Capacity

(actual results depend on type of material, thickness, cutting power, speed and number of passes)

Balsa: up to 1/4 inch in a single pass; 1/2 inch in multiple passes

Basswood: up to 1/8 inch in a single pass; 1/4 inch in multiple passes

Cherry/Walnut/Mahogany: up to 1/32 inch in a single pass; 3/16 inch in multiple passes

Gatorfoam: up to 3/16 inch in a single pass; 1/2 inch in multiple passes

Acrylic: up to 3/32 inch in a single pass; 1/4 inch in multiple passes

Styrene: up to 1/8 inch (for most plastics, we recommend multiple passes at high speed and low power)

Corrugated cardboard: up to 1/8 inch in a single pass; 1/4 inch in multiple passes

Chipboard: up to 1/16 inch in a single pass; 3/16 inch in multiple passes

Plywood: up to 1/32 inch in a single pass; 3/16 inch in multiple passes

PVC: Not recommended (gives off hazardous smoke)

Note: Shipped in multiple cartons. Please have someone available to help with delivery by local carrier. Not available outside the 48 contiguous United States.

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