MakerGear M2 3D Printer

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Our Price $1825
Our Price $1825
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With numerous upgrade options and a highly rated support community, you can be confident that you'll be delighted with your M2 and its performance. The Quick Start software, step-by-step user guide, and tutorial video will take you from unboxing through your first prints.

MakerGear M2 3D printer includes:

  • MakerGear M2e Printer with V4 Hot End

  • Power supply with adjustable input voltage (115V or 230V)

  • Power cord compliant with your country's power outlets

  • 1 kg spool of black PLA

  • 8 inch x 10 inch borosilicate glass build platform with applied film print surface

  • 1 roll of 2 inch replacement printing film

  • Tool set

  • Sample prints made by your M2

  • SD card with sample prints

  • User guide


  • AC Input: 100 - 120 V (4 A)/220 - 240 V (2 A), 47 - 63 Hz

  • Power Requirements: 24 V DC @ 15 A

  • Connectivity: SD Card Reader, USB connection to computer, LCD machine control optional

  • Storage Temperature: 0 ˚C to 32 ˚C (32 ˚F to 90 ˚F)

  • Print Head Travel Speed: Printing: 80 - 200 mm/sec for best print quality. Travel Speed: 450 mm/sec maximum.

  • Materials: 1.75 mm. PLA, ABS, PET, HIPS, HDPE, TPU (i.e., flexible filament), Polycarbonate, composite (Metal-, Carbon Fiber-, or Wood-Filled), and many more!

Compatible with both MAC and PC.

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