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MicroLux 7x16 Mini Lathe

Item #: 84631
Our Price $894.95
Our Price $894.95

$68.00 Additional Freight

Just Look At These Features!

  • Super rigid, heat-treated cast-iron bed with precision-ground V-ways

  • Hardened and accurately finished main spindle supported by centripetal ball bearings

  • Carriage power feed

  • Powerful 500 watt (0.67hp) adjustable-speed brushless DC motor and reversing switch for bi-directional automatic feed and thread cutting

  • Zero-resettable hand wheels with inch divisions (.050 inch per turn) eliminate tedious metric conversions

  • Four-position tool post makes tool changes fast and easy

  • Ultra-quiet belt-driven spindle

  • 3-jaw self-centering chuck: body dia. = 3.150 inches; internal jaws clamping range = .079 to .866 inch; internal jaws jamming range = .984 to 2.756 inches; external jaws clamping range = .866 to 2.480 inches; approx. 5/8 inch dia. thru-hole with inside/outside jaws and wrench

  • Compound slide with 5/8 inch capacity 

  • Four-position tool post and chip deflector

  • MT2 dead center for tailstock

  • Carriage power feed with change-gear set for threading

  • Thread position indicator

  • Splash guard

  • Chip tray

  • Tool set and instruction manual/parts diagram

MicroLux 7 x 16 Lathe Specifications

Maximum swing over bed: 7 inches diameter

Maximum swing over carriage: 4.5 inches diameter

Distance between centers: 16 inches

Main spindle speeds: Continuously variable between 100 and 2,500 rpm

Spindle bore: .787 inch diameter

Main spindle taper: MT3

Carriage cross-feed travel: 2.560 inches

Compound slide travel: 2.165 inches

Tail spindle travel: 2.125 inches

Tail spindle taper: MT2

Motor: 500 watt (0.67hp) DC (operates from standard 120v AC wall outlet)

Thread cutting: 12 to 52 tpi in 18 steps

Overall size: 12.75 inches high x 12 inches deep x 38 inches long

Weight: 86 lbs. (basic machine, no accessories.)

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