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MicroLux High Precision Heavy Duty R8 Miniature Milling Machine

Item #: 84630
Our Price $824.95
Our Price $824.95

$74.00 Additional Freight

Just Look at These Features!

  • Super rigid, heat-treated cast-iron base, column and headstock with precision-ground V-ways

  • Hardened and accurately finished main spindle supported by high precision centripetal roller bearings

  • .050 inch per turn table feed screws with zero-resettable dials

  • Powerful adjustable-speed motor with feedback-sensing power boost circuitry

  • Lever-actuated spring-assisted headstock performs drilling operations with ease

MicroLux R8 Milling Machine Specifications

  • Table size: 16 inches wide x 3-3/4 inches deep

  • Table travel (X direction): 8 inches

  • Cross slide travel (Y direction): 4 inches

  • Headstock travel (Z direction): 7 inches

  • Clearance (spindle to table-top): 10 inches

  • Center of spindle to face of column: 6 inches

  • Spindle speed: Continuously variable between 100 and 2,500 rpm with belt-driven spindle

  • Spindle taper: R8

  • Column angle: tilts from -45 degrees to +45 degrees

  • Motor: 500 watt (0.67hp) brushless DC, operates from standard 120v AC outlet

  • Overall size: 30 inches high x 20 inches deep x 20 inches wide

  • Weight: 110 pounds (basic machine without accessories).

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