Mini Bench Grinder with Flex Shaft

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Mini Bench Grinder with Flex Shaft

Mini Bench Grinder with Flex Shaft
Starting at $52.45
Sold Out! This item has been discontinued and is no longer available.


Miniature Bench Grinder/Buffer Includes Flex Shaft for Shaping, Drilling, Sanding and More

Quality-built miniature bench grinder has 3 inch diameter grinding and buffing wheels that shape, sharpen and polish tool bits, drill bits, blades and more. Detachable 42 inch flexible shaft with ergonomic handpiece and 1/8 inch collet holds accessories that grind, buff, sand, drill and saw metal, wood and plastic. All-metal motor housing with rubber feet includes repositionable face shield which protects eyes and skin from hot sparks. Easily portable . . . weighs just 3-1/2 pounds. 3450 rpm, 120vAC with 6 foot line cord.
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