Mini Clamps with Vinyl Grips (Set of 5)

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Mini Clamps with Vinyl Grips (Set of 5)

Mini Clamps with Vinyl Grips (Set of 5)
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Special Spring Clamps for Model Builders Work when Others Won't

When you're working in miniature, you need clamps that have just the right amount of spring tension. Too much tension and they will distort small items...too little and they won't hold a glue joint closed. And if you've ever struggled with standard size clamps on a model project, you know your clamps must also be small and lightweight. These model builder's clamps fit the bill perfectly.

Nickel plated steel clamps have vinyl coated cushion grips. 1-3/8 inch long with 3/16 inch capacity. Ideal for holding small, flat objects and for keeping ship model rigging lines taut during assembly. Set of 5.
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