Model 40 Carrousel Organizer

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Model 40 Carrousel Organizer

Model 40 Carrousel Organizer
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Carrousel Organizer Saves Space and Keeps Paints and Brushes Handy

This carrousel is not only a pleasure to use, but also is a great way to clean up your work area and keep it organized. Heavy duty ball bearing base allows carrousel to spin almost effortlessly, making it easy and quick to find the right color. As a bonus, this organizer holds 16 paint brushes, and includes a large knob for carrying and turning. Made of durable polymers with sturdy metal bearings. Designed to hold small paint jars from nearly every manufacturer.

#83149 Model 40 Carrousel has two shelves; holds 32 large bottles, 40 medium bottles or 60 small bottles (mix and match from 3/4 to 2 ounces). 11-1/2 inches in diameter x 7-3/4 inches high.

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