Stand-Alone Clamps (Set of 2)

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Stand-Alone Clamps (Set of 2)

Stand-Alone Clamps (Set of 2)
Starting at $8.95
Sold Out! This item has been discontinued and is no longer available.


Stand-Alone Clamps Mount to Your Workbench...Hold Objects Safely, Keep Hands Free

Stand-Alone Clamps snap into bench-mounted bases that prevent tip over and damage to your models during assembly, detailing and finishing. Held upright in either of two positions, Stand-Alone Clamps leave your hands free to complete additional work. Self-locking jaws slide into position and exert as much or as little force as you need. Foam rubber pads protect delicate surfaces. Includes extra pair of jaws so objects can be held from either the inside or outside. Made of plastic, aluminum and rubber. 4 inch capacity.
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