Switch Tender Switch Machine

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Switch Tender Switch Machine

Switch Tender Switch Machine
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Slow-Motion Switch Machine is Quiet, Dependable and Easy to Install

You're crouching down, watching your train slowly gliding towards the junction. Suddenly, you hear a loud THUNK and see ballast flying as the switch is thrown. Then your train derails as it passes by an ugly, black switch machine mounted next to the track. The realism has been spoiled and you feel disgusted. You need to upgrade your switch machines to the Switch Tender, the finest switch machine available today. The Switch Tender, mounted under the layout, uses a quiet, slow motion 12v DC gearmotor and a simple, easy-to-install linkage to gently throw the switch. The cycle takes a realistic 1 second from start-to-finish, and the points are held in positive contact with the running rails, preventing derailments while maintaining electrical continuity. The power to the low current motor is on constantly, so your panel lights and track signals can be wired to the switch machine toggle switch, eliminating special wiring! The Switch Tender is so easy to install, you'll have your whole layout upgraded in no time. Designed for use with all scales of model trains.

Switch Tender includes motor, mounting bracket, linkage for before or after track installation, hardware, wiring diagrams and instructions. Overall height: 2.200 inches (55.88mm). Overall length: 2.640 inches (67.06 mm). Overall width: 1.040 inches (26.42mm). Current draw at 12v DC: 0.025a while running; 0.060a when stalled.

The Switch Tender is completely DCC compatible. If your turnouts already route power to the frog through the points, do not use the extra contacts on the toggle switch to power the frog. If you have a very many Switch Tenders, use a power supply of sufficient power to handle the load: supply 1 amp for each 16 Switch Tenders.

I really like the Switch Tenders -- they are not complex electronically (for me, that's a big thing) and they work great. They are also economical to buy, and that helps when one has a lot of switches planned!


John P.


Just wanted to let you know how I feel about one of your products...the Switch Tender, 83201. It is everything you said it was. Installed my first three today and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was and the performance is great. For years, I have been using Peco switches and their dual coil machines, with little problems; however, I recently installed some Walthers switch tracks and needed motors to actuate them, thus the Switch Tenders. I also had a Peco switch that was already installed, but needed a motor. So I tried the Switch Tender on it and it worked better than the dual coil motors. It even threw the Peco with the detent spring still installed.

Thanks for bringing to market a great product at an affordable price.


Fred D.
Oakland, NJ

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