Virginia and Truckee, DVD

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Virginia and Truckee, DVD

Virginia and Truckee, DVD
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Virginia and Truckee

In the first part, shot by Arthur E. LaSalle in 1949, the westbound Overland Limited arrives Reno behind a cab forward and The Virginia and Truckee daily mixed departs from the opposite side of the station for a three hour run the entire length of the line. Next, Wilbur C. Whittaker captures the highlights of an NRHS special: Reno to Carson City. Finally, from the Otto Perry collection, the last passenger train and the final official train, each from Reno to Minden in May 1950.

The V and T was built to serve the Comstock lode. This is the railroad that carried more than the combined weight of all its rails and stock in pure glistening silver from the richest hill on earth.

Includes a visit to the 17 stall sandstone round house in Carson City, eyeball to eyeball pacing at a thunderous 45 MPH and lonely shots of a tiny train against the snow capped peaks that frame the desolate Washoe valley. 43 minutes.

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