Walthers HO Scale Motorized Transfer Table and Pit Extension Kit

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Walthers HO Scale Motorized Transfer Table and Pit Extension Kit

Walthers HO Scale Motorized Transfer Table and Pit Extension Kit
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SPECIAL OFFER! Purchase the Walthers HO Transfer Table and Pit Extension together* and SAVE!

Move Locomotives and Cars Within Your Shop Complex

With a steady stream of equipment coming in and out, shops were always busy places. Switching cars equipment from one building to another meant a lot of complex track and extra labor, which increased costs.

As a solution, railroads often installed transfer tables. Essentially a mobile deck bridge with rails, the table moved from side to side to quickly reach any track in the facility. The bridge was supported on flanged wheels, and was usually built over a long pit to keep the deck level with the tracks in the various buildings. Horses pulled the earliest examples but these soon gave way to steam-powered cable and rope systems. By the 1890s, large electric motors, drawing power from overhead catenary, were in use. This allowed all functions to be controlled by a single operator, riding in a cab on one side of the bridge. Alignment with the tracks was done by eye, and equipment pulled on or off the bridge using a small windlass.

Although the designs have changed with time and many have been retired, there are still some of these amazing machines in use today!

Perfect for steam-, transition- and modern-eras, this Transfer Table comes fully assembled and installs easily in new or existing scenery. Additional pit sections, Item #85065, are available to build a larger model.

Powered by the same drive and programmable indexing found in Walthers Built-Ups Turntables, this unit will operate on DC or DCC powered layouts. Use the Control Box for DC operation, or connect the unit to your DCC system and use the factory-programmed addresses (or add your own) to move the bridge automatically to one of 48 stops, turn lights on or off, and change direction, all from your throttle!

Transfer Table features:

    • Fully assembled and easy to install

    • DC or DCC control

    • Rugged motor and gear drive

    • Bridge measures 100 scale feet long

    • Programmable indexing for 48 stops

    • Working cab and deck lights

  • Amber flasher for modern scenes

Dimensions: 14-7/16 inches x 15-1/16 inches. Walthers no. 933-2968.

Transfer Table Pit Extension

Expand your Transfer Table quickly and easily with this matching HO Transfer Table Pit Extension. Unit comes fully assembled. Dimensions: 13-15/16 inches x 15-1/16 inches. Walthers no. 933-2969.

*Includes one each #85064 and #85065.

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