Zona Flush Cutting Saw

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Zona Flush Cutting Saw

Zona Flush Cutting Saw
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Zona...High Precision Razor Saws of Unsurpassed Quality

Zona Saws are the standard to which all other razor saws are compared. These high quality, versatile US-made saws are suited for a wide range of applications: precision mitering of wood joints; construction of model structures, dollhouses, railroads, airplanes, ships and cars; flush cutting dowels and pegs, plastic modeling, and so much more.

#82985 Zona Flush Cutting Saw has a 6-1/2 inch long x 1-1/4 inch wide flexible steel blade ideal for flush cutting dowels, plugs and pegs without marring the surrounding surface. 16 tpi x .012 inch thick blade cuts on pull stroke. 4 inch long wood handle.
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