Adhesive Transfer Tape

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Adhesive Transfer Tape

Adhesive Transfer Tape
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Adhesive Transfer Tape Bonds a Variety of Materials

Scotch 924 ATG Adhesive Transfer Tape is a clear acrylic, reverse wound, pressure sensitive adhesive on a densified kraft paper liner. Apply, then peel off the liner to leave only the adhesive on the surface. Bonds a wide variety of similar and dissimilar materials such as metals, glass, wood, papers, paints and many plastics. Offers high adhesion, good solvent resistance and excellent UV resistance. No mess or clean up. It is a cost effective replacement to rivets, staples, screws, bolts and liquid adhesives, plus it is safer to use than hot melt adhesives. One 36 yard roll, 3/4 inch x 2.0 mil thick.

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