Airbrush Cleaning Kit

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Airbrush Cleaning Kit

Airbrush Cleaning Kit
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Cleaning Kit Keeps Your Airbrush in Peak Operating Condition

Handy kit contains everything you need for thorough airbrush cleaning and detailing...except the solvent. Includes 20 swabs and 25 wood picks for removing dried paint from needle and nozzle; 5 long-handled micro brushes for thorough cleansing of barrel interior; 2 scrub brushes for cleaning airbrush body; 3 solvent cups with pour spouts, 1 solvent-resistant funnel for returning solvent to can, 4 pipettes for blowing solvent through airbrush ports, 4 oz. bottle for dispensing solvent; 2 lint-free cleaning/polishing cloths to keep airbrush exterior looking new; and 1 pair of latex gloves to protect your hands from chemicals and messy paint residue.

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