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Micro-Mark's wire benders and tube benders are designed with modelers and hobbyists in mind. Use our bending machine or other benders for precision work on even the smallest work pieces. Micro-Mark's high quality benders give every model and project a professionally finished look. Satisfaction is guaranteed by Micro-Mark's no-quarrel policy.


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Item # 85142
Larger Bending Mandrel Set includes two tools that include diameters of 1.6, 2.6, 3.6, 4.6, 5.1, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0 and 10.0 mm.
Our Price $41.15

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Item # 85138
Pusher Mandrel has slotted tip for pressing wires, rods, and other parts into slots and holes without slipping off.
Our Price $8.20

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Item # 85135
Intricate wire forms can be easily shaped with this jewelers' tool. To make your wire form, wrap wire around pins inserted into base.
Our Price $19.95

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Item # 84825
Use this machined mandrel to form precise radial bends in photo etched parts, make neat wire loops, and shape other thin materials.
Our Price $11.30

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Item # 84745
Our Grab Iron Bending Gauge has been specifically designed to quickly and easily form identical, precisely-sized grab irons from ordinary wire.
Our Price $38.75

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Item # 84734

This double-featured miniature machine will save you hours of tedious sheet metal fabrication and finishing.

Our Price $221.25

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Item # 84118
Mandrel set makes perfect coils, springs and jump rings.
List Price $19.95
Now Only! $14.95

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Item # 82819
Our Universal Bending Machine bends wire and strip into smooth curves, in multiple planes, and into complex shapes, including S-curves, squares and...
Our Price $112.25

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Item # 82817
Form and bend metal with our mini bending brake. This versatile bending brake makes clean, smooth bends up to 90 degrees in metal up to 16 gauge...
Our Price $49.95

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Item # 81356

Professional quality Bending Machine forms smooth curves in wood, plastic and metal.

List Price $156.95
Our Price $115.95

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