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Explore Micro-Mark's top-shelf collection of model books, including model train books and metalworking books written by leading experts. We feature books on all modeling subjects, from casting guides to model railroad books. Whether you're just starting out with a model project or are a seasoned modeler, Micro-Mark has the book to take your skills to the next level. Let our experienced customer service representatives help you select the best book for you.


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Item # 86700

Learn to bend 20-gauge wire into swirls and curls to create fabulous jewelry. Add a few beads for color and you will be stunned at the results....

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Item # 84913

Even if you have a copy of the 144 page original, you will want a copy of this 160 page hardcover Expanded Edition -- all finely reproduced on...

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Item # 80965

Informative booklet explains how to make molds and successfully cast small metal parts.

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Item # 80868

By Douglas E. Walsh. An illustrated guide to small scale vacuum forming you can do at home without special skills and little equipment. 8 chapters...

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Item # 80318

Second Edition -- by William A. Cannon This book provides instructions for casting small parts using proven methods, with updated chapters on the...

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