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Cam Action Bar Clamps, 7 Inch Capacity (Set of 2)

Cam Action Bar Clamps, 7 Inch Capacity (Set of 2)
Starting at $19.95
Sold Out! This item has been discontinued and is no longer available.


Fast, Easy, Cam Action Bar Clamps

These are the fastest, easiest sure-grip modeler's clamps ever made and they're available only from Micro-Mark. To use, just slide the moveable jaw along the bar until it touches your workpiece. Then flip the cam-action lever. Clamp holds securely with no rubber bands to break or plastic wedges to lose. Rubber lined jaws won't slip on round or smooth stock. 7 inch capacity. Set of 2 Cam Action Bar Clamps.

Click HERE to see a great article on using this tool

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