Complete Electrified Milwaukee, DVD

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Complete Electrified Milwaukee, DVD

Complete Electrified Milwaukee, DVD
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Complete Electrified Milwaukee

East and Westbound Operations of Both the Rocky Mountain and Coast Divisions

Watch trains crossing almost every one of the great trestles on both divisions, including helicopter coverage of six hidden in the dense forests of the West slope of Snoqualmie.  View trains crossing the immense bridges across the Clark Fork and the great Gorge of the Columbia.

See steeple cab switchers, Little Joes, G.E. Boxcabs galore and a yard full of Bi-Polars (not underway) and diesel operations in the Cascade. Fabulous color footage shows trains crossing the Rockies on Pipestone Pass, the Bitterroots on St Paul Pass, the Saddle Mountains of Eastern Washington and, finally, Snoqualmie Pass in the Cascades.  See trains in all the great canyons: The Jefferson River, the St. Joe, the Clark Fork, Yakima, Snoqualmie and the Grand Daddy of all... The Columbia!  Includes the Butte, Anaconda and Pacific RR.

A painstakingly accurate record of an engineering marvel created by the most innovative railroad in America -- a railroad now vanished forever. 39 minutes.

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