Extra-deep Storage Box

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Extra-deep Storage Box

Extra-deep Storage Box
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  • Extra-deep Storage Box
  • Extra-deep Storage Box
  • Extra-deep Storage Box
  • Extra-deep Storage Box
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Extra-Deep, Clear-View Storage Box for Spare Model Parts and Assemblies

Every model builder has tons of spare parts left over from various projects...but once they're back in the box, good luck finding them again. This clear plastic, see-though storage box is extra deep for holding all kinds of model parts and partially-built assemblies and keeping them in one safe, convenient location. Now you can see every item on hand without digging through box after box searching for just the right part. Great for model car and truck tires, engine parts, model train truck frames and wheelsets, couplers, scale figures, and so much more. Includes 2 removable dividers and one fixed center divider; configure as needed for 2, 3, or 4 compartments. Designed specifically for stacking, each box includes molded feet at all 4 corners which mate perfectly with the indentations on the snug-fitting lid. Box measures 8 inches long x 2-7/8 inches wide x 4 inches high.

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