Fiber Optics Experimenters Kit

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Fiber Optics Experimenters Kit

Fiber Optics Experimenters Kit
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Fiber Optics Light the Way to Special Effects

Fiber Optics add brilliant points of light to miniature space vehicles, locomotives, ships, planes, autos, structures and more! How it works: Bendable plastic, optically transparent strands transmit light like a pipe carries water. Simply drill a hole where you want the light and insert a strand. Route the strands from your model to the light source (hidden in the base of your model). Turn on the switch to light your model.

Our Experimenters Kit includes an LED light source, a bundle of approx. 50 micro-size (approximately .018 inch diameter) fiber optic strands (pre-installed in the light source), and a battery holder (for two AA cells, not included) with integral on/off switch. Strands are 12 inches long; can be cut to length and beveled for special effects.

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