Flitz, 50 Gram Tube

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Flitz, 50 Gram Tube

Flitz, 50 Gram Tube
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Flitz Polishes and Protects Any Metal

Made in Germany where keeping things bright and clean is a way of life. Flitz is the universal polish that cleans, shines and protects aluminum, brass, stainless steel, copper, chrome, gold and silver. It's an excellent fiberglass cleaner as well. Removes rust, oxidation, tarnish, heat discoloration and water stains, and leaves a protective coating that resists tarnish for up to 6 months. It's the best you can buy. And for railroad modelers, polishing your railheads with Flitz not only cleans them bright for good electrical contact, it protects them against contact-inhibiting corrosion for months.
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