Grain-of-Rice Lamps, 4 Colors (Pkg. of 40)

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Grain-of-Rice Lamps, 4 Colors (Pkg. of 40)

Grain-of-Rice Lamps, 4 Colors (Pkg. of 40)
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Grain-of-Rice Lamps are DCC 'Friendly'

These grain-of-rice sized lamps are specially manufactured for Micro-Mark with a 12v, 30ma rating so they can be wired directly to the function outputs of model railroad DCC decoders without fear of electronic overload or plastic-melting heat generation (with proper mounting and ventilation). Measuring a compact 3/32 inch dia. x 3/16 inch long, these lamps are made of high-grade glass, with long-life filaments and durable 6 inch leads. Of course, they can be used for all types of micro-lighting applications. Each package contains 40 lamps (10 ea. clear, green, amber and red).

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Grain-of-Rice Lamps, Clear (Pkg. of 40)