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Hard to find hardware is easy to shop for at Micro-Mark. Find high quality hard to find tools and unique tools such as squizzers, reducing punch sets and HO truck tuners, all at the right price. Every unique tool sold by Micro-Mark is high quality tested, so you know you're always using the best tools available for professional modelers and hobbyists.

Hard-to-Find Items

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Item # 81204
These precision surgical scissors will cut out decals cleaner and closer than anything else you've ever tried. You'll also get exceptional control on...
Our Price $19.85

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Item # 80806

Parafilm M cuts easily and conforms to complex shapes and fine details. It produces sharp paint separation without bleed-under, peels off easily,...

Our Price $11.95

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Item # 70223
This 6 inch x 24 inch jig is ideal for assembly of ship models, airplane fuselages, wings and other long projects. For even more capacity, you can...
Our Price $25.25

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Item # 60926
The unique stepped clamp design holds the plank against its full surface so you'll get neater, tighter fitting joints.
Our Price $21.50

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Item # 60304

A 'why-didn't-I-think-of-that' tool for quick assembly of miniature components. 10-1/4 inch x 10-1/4 inch, 21 gauge steel plate with 7/8 inch...

Our Price $29.95

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Item # 50330

If you've ever needed a wood dowel under 1/16 inch diameter for a miniature or scale model project, you know they just are not available. The only...

List Price $51.65
Our Price $29.95

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Item # 15215

Miter-Rite is the finest non-powered miniature tool you can buy for making perfect angle cuts in wood, plastic and soft metal.

List Price $42.95
Our Price $37.95

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Item # 14129

No need to measure, calculate and re-measure when working from scale drawings. Our Proportional Divider does it for you. Moveable pivot point...

List Price $127.20
Now Only! $89.95

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