HO Gauge Track Cleaner

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HO Gauge Track Cleaner

HO Gauge Track Cleaner
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Track Cleaners for Hard-to-Reach Locations

The long, narrow confines of bridges, tunnels and other tight spots make it difficult to reach these areas with standard Bright Bar style track cleaners. Worse yet, locomotives that stall in these areas are hard to retrieve. But help is on the way. Our Track Cleaner on a 'Stick' has extendible 3/8 inch diameter solid aluminum handles that screw together to reach into those tight spots and clean track as effectively as if it was out in the open. The 3/4 inch diameter rubberized cleaning rod won't harm delicate track components, and is impregnated with silicon carbide particles that scrub track clean and bright in just a few passes.

#82992 For HO gauge includes: 1-1/4 inch long cleaning rod and three 10 inch long handle sections.

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