How To Paint Model Structures (DVD)

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How To Paint Model Structures (DVD)

How To Paint Model Structures (DVD)
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Video Teaches You Model Structure Painting and Weathering

In this video, expert modeler Dave Frary demonstrates his proven techniques so you, too, can create prize winning finishes on model structures.

Dave teaches you to:

  • Select, mix and prepare paints for brush and airbrush application

  • Apply paints to plastic, plaster, urethane and wood models

  • Stain walls, stonework and trim

  • Master airbrush painting

  • Weather your model with paint

  • Clean and care for brushes

  • Select and use compressors

  • Store paint properly

  • Clean and care for airbrushes

Included with video are paint mixing formulas and a list of required tools and materials. DVD, 60 minutes.

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