Micro-Mark Photo Gallery Annex

...more photos of models built by Micro-Mark customers

An estimated 3,500 individual parts complete this impressive scratch built trestle, which measures 6 feet long by 18 inches high.

Built by Don Lawson
Cleveland, GA
MicroLux tools, including the Tilt Arbor Table Saw and Mini Lathe, play an important role in creating the imaginitive, colorful scratch built circus models of Douglas Konkle.
At the forefront of this dramatic nighttime holiday scene is a striking 30 inch long, 1:36 scale scratch built New York tug boat. The buildings are designed to represent South Street, NY circa 1800s.

Built by Jim Christy
The MicroLux Miter/Cut-Off Saw and metal bending tools from Micro-Mark are crucial to the construction of this hand-made G gauge gallows turntable.

Built by Ralph & Peggy Merrill of Fall Creek Railroad Structures Co.
This rustic railroad scene features scratch built structures made with the help of the MicroLux Table Saw and 10 Inch Professional Sander.

Built by Sergio Rinella
Tularosa, NM
This beautiful scratch built 1/24 scale Mobile Middle Bay Lighthouse took one year to construct. The real Mobile Bay appears in the background.

Built by Levi Garret
Scratch built 1:144 scale model of the USS Des Moines is approx 5.5 feet long. The guns fire bb's with 150 lbs of compressed air, and the ship moves at a scale 30 knots.

Built by Dana Graham
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
1/24 cast alloy model built from 'finecast' kit.

Built by Rod Grant
United Kingdom
This is a unique scratch built house (scaled to one inch equals six feet) made to comfortably fill a 1 gallon glass jug. There are about 1,000 pieces to the model, which was built in sections outside the bottle, then assembled inside.

Built by Dana Perkins
Biddeford, ME