USS da Vinci

USS da Vinci

The USS da Vinci is another incredible scratch built starship by Jeff Pollizzotto. Once again, styrene and imagination are combined with excellent building skills to produce an amazing model. Here is Jeff's description of the model:

The da VInci was designed as an update to my earlier designed USS Galileo which was built in the 80’s. I used the same basic module design and updated it with a sleeker design. This was to be a faster first line of defense ship and is also slightly smaller than the earlier Galileo, which was more of an exploration ship. Also, many elements were inspired by the iconic 'Nostromo' from the first 'Alien' movie. The nose spikes and the rear engine section being the most obvious.

The model was built using mostly .100 inch thich styrene and detailed with .020 inch and .040 inch surface detail 'plates.' The connecting sections between the command section, the engineering section and the propulsion section were made from tube stock and detailed with styrene bits and bent welding wire.

The model is 1/537 scale and measures 24.5 inches long.

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