Fantastic Farmall

Fantastic Farmall

Though it is hard to believe, what you see here is actually a 1/9 scale model of a ca. 1936 Farmall F-20 tractor . . . as it would have appeared in 1944 . . . after years of hard work and exposure to the elements. The model, created by Micro-Mark customer David Fischer, is completely scratchbuilt down to every last nut and bolt, and is made up almost entirely of styrene plastic. Because no engineering plans of this tractor were available at the time of construction, all working drawings were extensively researched and meticulously drafted from photos, parts diagrams and written descriptions. It took over 5 years of painstaking work to design, fabricate, assemble and finish this one-of-a-kind masterpiece, which received the 2013 George Lee Judges Grand Award at the IPMS*/USA Nationals out of a field of over 2,500 outstanding models.

Says David, "I have been a Micro-Mark customer for 30 years, and I am STILL using the first item I ever ordered. Since then, your MicroLux Miniature Table Saw, casting materials, inkjet decal paper, and many other products have become indispensable."

*International Plastic Modelers' Society

Photos by John Meyer

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