The Newfoundland


In the words of builder Hal Mather:

'The Newfoundland was built because it is the ship on which I, my wife, Jean, and daughter, Carol, emigrated from England to Canada in 1958. The model is 1/48 scale, with a length of 9 feet 2 inches. Weight empty is 90 lbs. It took me 9 years to build. Power is provided by a 12 volt electric motor with an 18 amp-hr sealed lead acid battery. The radio has 6 channels which control motor, rudder, big ship's whistle, fog horn, internal fluorescent lights, working port anchor and flood lights. It also has a bilge pump and a CD player.'

'The model would need to weigh 230 lbs. to sit on the waterline if the hull was sealed. I got the lead out by building 4 tanks in the hull, watertight to the inside, but open to the outside through two 1 inch diameter holes in the bottom of each tank. The tanks are vented, so the model free floods the tanks. This is not technically ballast, as that would require sealed tanks both inside and out...I am simply not displacing the water in the tanks, so no ballasting is required. Photos are from the Newfoundland's maiden voyage, November 3, 2007...and she worked GREAT!'

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