Instructions for Changing #80793 MXL Drive Belt and
#80850 XL Drive Belt on the #80463 MicroLux Tilting Arbor Table Saw
These instructions supplement those provided with the table saw and accompany each replacement drive belt. While the operations required to change a drive belt are not particularly difficult, the ability to use hand tools and some mechanical knowledge is required. The Micro-Mark Product Service department is available to replace the drive belt for you at our standard shop rates. Please call our Product Service department at 1-908-464-1094 if you need assistance.

NOTE: There are two different types of replacement drive belts available for this table saw. Each type of belt is matched to the pulleys that were installed on the saw at the factory. These drive belts are NOT interchangeable (the spacing of the teeth on the belt is different between the two) must use the same type of belt that came with the saw or it will not work properly. Damage to the new belt or to the saw will occur. For your own safety, be sure to carefully read, understand and follow the instructions given below.

Belt Identification

All saws purchased from January, 1995, onward use the #80850 XL Belt.

For saws purchased prior to January, 1995, either belt may have been installed at the factory. Follow steps 1 through 8 below to determine the kind of belt you need for your saw.

Belt Replacement

  1. Unplug the saw to prevent accidental start-up.

  2. Remove the storage/cleanout door on the right side of the saw.

  3. Lower the blade completely.

  4. Remove the blade guard (reverse of installation... see saw instructions).

  5. Place saw upside-down on a flat surface.

  6. Remove the four deeply-recessed screws located in the bottom saw housing with an extra-long #1 Phillips-head screwdriver. Note: Saws shipped as of late-November, 1997, also have a small electrical access cover on the bottom surface. Remove this cover to gain access to the fourth screw.

  7. Before going any further, read the following: There is a cable which connects the motor to the control circuit and which will hamper the removal of the bottom saw housing. Slightly remove the bottom housing and look for the cable. Disconnect the quick-release cable connector latch (or the wire nuts and separate the wires, if so equipped) and then completely remove the bottom housing.

  8. You can now, by carefully rotating the drive belt/pulley system, locate the code symbol (MXL or XL) of the belt and either order a replacement belt or confirm that this symbol matches the symbol on the belt you ordered. (The #80793 MXL belt has 12-1/2 teeth per inch; the #80850 XL belt has 5 teeth per inch).

  9. The old drive belt can be "walked" off the pulley by pulling it to the side while gently turning the belt/pulley system.

  10. The new belt should be installed by "walking" it on in the same manner as the old one was removed.

  11. Check the belt tension: The new drive belt should properly engage and fit the space between the pulleys snugly, but without excessive tension, in order to assure both that the belt will not jump teeth yet will not exert undue stress on the motor and arbor bearings.

  12. Reassembly of the saw is accomplished in the reverse order. Be careful when reconnecting the motor cable to be sure that the wire colors and mating features of the connector body match and that the connector is securely latched or the wire nuts are secure. Be sure the wires are clear of the drive belt.

  13. Test run the saw to see that everything is working properly. You may install a tag on the saw to identify the type of drive belt that is required by the saw for convenience in placing a future order for a belt, should that ever become necessary.

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