Iwata SAR (R1100) Single Action Airbrush Set

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Iwata SAR (R1100) Single Action Airbrush Set

Iwata SAR (R1100) Single Action Airbrush Set
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Iwata 'Revolution' Airbrush Puts Industry-Leading Quality and Performance at Your Fingertips

Long recognized as a premier manufacturer of high-quality spray painting equipment, Iwata combines breakthrough technology with the advanced features hobbyists appreciate and professionals demand:

  • Highly polished ergonomically shaped all-metal internal-mix bodies

  • Adjustable from the finest line up to 1-1/2 inch wide spray

  • Siphon feed, for quick and easy bottle/color change

  • Easy-to-control trigger mechanism

  • Replaceable internal fluoropolymer needle packing for use with solvent-based paints

  • Precision machined steel alloy nozzles, which provide accurate control and fine atomization with greater durability than brass nozzles

  • 5 year manufacturer's warranty

Single action (trigger turns air on/off; nozzle rotates to control paint volume) SAR Airbrush Set includes:

  • Iwata SAR airbrush

  • 2 oz. poly paint bottle with siphon fitting and leader tube built into cap

  • 6 foot vinyl air hose with metal fittings and separate metal regulator

  • Jumbo 14 oz. can of Air Blast propellant
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