Jewelers Miter Jig

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Jewelers Miter Jig

Jewelers Miter Jig
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  • Jewelers Miter Jig
  • Jewelers Miter Jig
  • Jewelers Miter Jig
  • Jewelers Miter Jig
  • Jewelers Miter Jig
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This is the fastest and most accurate method for making miters with jewelry-makers' precision. Grooves in the jig's hardened precision-ground jaws hold small sheet, rod and tubing at a perfect 45 or 90 degree angle to the work surface. You guide your saw blade or file in contact with the jig's surface to cut and trim your workpiece to the exact size and angle needed to make precise miter or butt joints. Includes adjustable end stop for cutting duplicate pieces.

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