Lady Nelson 1:64 Scale Model Kit by Amati

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Lady Nelson 1:64 Scale Model Kit by Amati

Lady Nelson 1:64 Scale Model Kit by Amati
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Amati model ship kits, manufactured in Torino, Italy, include all the parts and materials (except for tools, paint and glue) you need to build exquisite historic ships in miniature. Amati uses only the highest grade materials...premium woods, laser-cut parts and cast highly detailed plans and step-by-step instructions for accurate construction and finishing.

Lady Nelson
Scale 1:64 • Length: 21 inches • Entry level kit

The cutter Lady Nelson was designed for fast speed, adopting an unusually large spread of sail for the size of the vessel, and deploying both fore and aft plus square sails on a single mast. Cutters excelled at patrol and dispatch duties, but they were not suitable for close inshore work due to their deep draught. Amati's Lady Nelson kit has been designed with the beginner/intermediate modeler in mind; it's an ideal introduction to the art of plank-on-bulkhead construction. Includes laser-cut birch plywood and walnut parts, metal and wood fittings, hardwood display base and brass pedestals.
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