Lag Screws - Miniature Screws

At Micro-Mark, we know that slotted-head screws for wood can ruin the appearance of a carefully-built scale model. So, to turn our models into award winners, we developed these micro-size brass lag screws for wood fastening. These miniature screws feature hex heads that duplicate the appearance of prototype fasteners and fit standard miniature nut drivers (we recommend our #80240 Nutdriver Set). The fine pitch, non-tapered thread holds tight in scale lumber, and are less prone to split wood than tapered screws (although we do recommend drilling a pilot hole). Use our mini lag screws to fasten wood pieces together, mount detail parts, or act as bolthead detail (use in combination with our washers sold separately). Note for Model Railroaders: Use #0 lag screws to mount Caboose Industries Turnout Ground Throws.
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