LASERKit Ellington Mercantile Kit, HO Scale

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LASERKit Ellington Mercantile Kit, HO Scale

LASERKit Ellington Mercantile Kit, HO Scale
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LASERKITS® are quick, easy and fun to build for any modeler. The novice will be thrilled with the ease of construction, the easy-to-follow instructions, and professional look of the completed model. The experienced modeler can modify and super-detail each kit into a one-of-a-kind creation. LASERKITS are designed with a Computer Assisted Drafting (CAD) program, then laser-machined and engraved from high-quality wood (and occasionally styrene) with incredible precision. The resulting edges require little, if any, sanding, and yield exact-fitting parts with accurate details. Siding and roof pieces are tabbed and slotted for error-free assembly. All windows, doors, roofing materials, shingles, and trim boards are laser-cut, and include a self-adhesive backing, which has been thoroughly tested and found to hold under the most adverse conditions. All kits are made in the USA.

False-front structures like Ellington Mercantile were once commonplace in small towns across the United States. The prototype of this model, located in Ellington, Missouri, featured a general store on one side of the building and a post office on the other. HO scale kit includes a recessed entryway with large display windows for the general store, and a smaller doorway for a secondary business. The appearance of this two-story structure is further enhanced by a covered porch and a dock door at the rear. Includes 100% laser-cut scribed siding with two story front porch having peel & stick decking. American Model Builders LASERKIT no. 135.

Footprint: 6.5 inches long x 6.0 inches wide; 3.5 inches high.

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